FREE $5 Paypal For Testing The Cnkt App!

    App Testers NEEwanted-app-testers.jpgDED! – Earn $5 Paypal

Download the “Cnkt” app and participate in the app testing promotion and earn $5 via Paypal , Paid the same day!



Once downloaded & Signed in, submit your email at and Cnkt will reply with the offer instructions. Once your completed with the instructions, simply reply to the email, and include your Paypal email so you can be paid $5 for your participation! 🙂


What is Cnkt? 

Cnkt is the new Social Media App that allows users to voice their opinions on all topics using Queries. Cnkt has recently introduced a couple new features, that are actually pretty awesome! 

1.) “My Politics” – is a new feature that connects you directly to your Politicians to discuss topics that matter to you. Imaging being able to send a message to your Politician – OR realizing that your Politician uploaded a new Query for everyone (who is local) to answer based on how they feel?! — GENIUS! 

2.) GAME MODE – Allows you to voice your opinion while playing a game. See how well you know  the world around you with Game Mode. Its pretty addicting, especially if you play with friends, so you can compete! 


Not to mention, Facebook promotions and giveaways are frequent with Cnkt 🙂


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